New opportunities knock on our doors every day. However, if you’re too busy sealing envelopes and packing boxes, you might miss it. It’s time to take off too much labor on your hands. On that note, Amazon is your best-helping buddy by making sure your business runs better. You have plenty of options, but it’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) that offers excellent wonders in dealing with your inventory and shipments. FBA prep service involves getting ready to store and to ship your products in their fulfillment centers.

For every service, there are specific rules and regulations one must follow. The FBA prep service comes with product restrictions since not all items are suitable for Amazon FBA. It includes alcoholic drinks, tires, gift certificates, batteries packaged loosely, and damaged goods. You can imagine why certain products are not allowed due to their fragility, size, or danger. Make sure that you look over their product restrictions before placing any item for FBA.

After determining the set of items, you will have to take a closer inspection of your packaging. Your FBA prep service relies heavily on the packaging, so you must follow these packaging requirements:

  • FNSKU barcodes must be unique – You have to make sure that every product corresponds to their own barcode. If you don’t know how to obtain, you can simply get in touch with your supplier. In some cases, they can’t provide with one. You have to buy it yourself.
  • Securely package footwear – None of the shoes’ material should be exposed according to Amazon. It prevents the product from any damage that might occur during the shipment.
  • Need to be assembled items will not be accepted – Remember it’s your responsibility to make sure that the products to be sold as what it says or looks like. Amazon won’t assemble the item for you. Be careful, and it might be sent back to you only.