The FBA Prep Service on Amazon is where products are being prepared and packed to fulfill the orders. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has prep and packaging requirements for products to ship and store in Amazon fulfillment centers.

The preparing units help to reduce the delays in receiving time. The proper packaging process will protect the products while in the fulfillment centers. Through these processes, Amazon will give the customers a better experience.

In case a seller decides to use the FBA Prep Service, Amazon staff will prepare the eligible products for a per-unit fee. Once the seller built the shipping plan, Amazon will provide an estimated prep fee based on the expected services for the selected products.

How to prepare your products on Amazon?

  1. Set the quantity for shipments to Amazon
  2. Prepare products for FBA shipping
  3. Label the products
  4. Review/view shipments to Amazon
  5. Prepare shipment to Amazon
  6. Summary of the shipment process

How Does FBA Prep Service Work If You Sign Up?

  • There will be charges for products that Amazon prepares. There will be an applicable FBA Prep Service Fee that will be based on the services provided. The prep services the staff performs for the products are determined at Amazon’s sole discretion.
  • There will be separated fees for oversize and standard-size products.
  • The qualifying units may be split into additional shipments.
  • FBA Label Service may be automatically included for select products, and there will be an applicable charge per item.
  • FBA Prep Service may be discontinued at any time.

FBA Prep Service focuses on the packaging and labeling of the seller’s items. It is where importing goods were inspected too. It is necessary to check on goods before customers purchase them. This process will secure the satisfaction of customers and the expectations of sellers as well.