Every customer looks forward to receiving their online order until it arrives on their doorstep. Before this happens, business owners must ensure that the e-commerce fulfillment process is smoothly running, including storing inventory, selecting and packing products, and shipping online orders. In most cases, the customer’s delivery experience will determine whether they will stay shopping at your retail or look for a better retailer. It is said that 38% of online shoppers will never shop at the same store again if they had a poor delivery experience. That is why getting the e-commerce fulfillment right unlocks the key to loyal customers and a booming business.

It all comes down to proper planning and strategy. A good e-commerce fulfillment takes note of the location, technology integrations, and fast shipping speeds. For instance, location is where you fulfill the orders, and by reducing the distance package travels or shipping zones, it will take less time in transit. Thus, appearing in your customer’s door faster.

There are several factors as to how you will make the right choice for your e-commerce fulfillment, such as your order volume, your products, and more. But knowing what’s best for your business matters the most. In choosing how you will fulfill your order, here are three common methods that might be helpful for you:

  • Do it yourself – This is the in-house fulfillment, also known as self-fulfillment, which means that you complete each step of the process without any help from a third-party logistics provider. It’s what you can imagine for any beginners in retail who pack their orders in the comfort of their homes.
  • Let others do it for you – Outsourcing a 3PL company helps handle the entire fulfillment process so that you can spend less time packing boxes and shipping orders. 3PLs have the logistical knowledge and experience to carry out many delivery situations you probably didn’t know about.
  • Let the manufacturers do it – This is otherwise called dropshipping, wherein you don’t have to hold the products on your own. No more storing, packing, and shipping. These functions are all done by the manufacturer without your full control.