Have you ever bought a product that you still need to assemble once you received it? It’s a hassle, right? As customers, we want something that is good-to-go or seeing the products we bought as it is. We don’t want to spend time gathering all the pieces and assembling them. Who would not be annoyed when we spent money and then will spend time and effort on it? We can’t blame sellers and shippers since the items, once assembled, will be too huge or bulky on their shipping. But this is possible if you want to.

Kitting Service is a type of process that allows you to create a complete “kit” of all the products you want together. This service will enable you to have a complete kit from beginning to end and make the kit appear neat and organized. A kitting facility to support your marketing materials will help you save money and time.

The Process

  1. Storage – When you have chosen a kitting service, they will store your materials and keeping them on their site and ready to assemble. This will free up some space on your own.
  2. Kitting – You can either choose to assemble the materials on-demand or ahead of time. Once an assembly is needed, the kitting service team will gather all the materials required and compile them into kits.
  3. Packaging & Delivery – Once assembled, the kitting service can do the shipping for you, as well, or they can ship this back to you if you want so that you will be in charge of the shipping to potential customers.

The Benefits

Here are some benefits a kitting service can offer you and your organization:

  • Highly Reliable
  • Faster Assembly
  • Better Packaging
  • Organized and Efficient
  • Arranging Deliveries
  • Handles much of your Work

Kitting Services is performed by 3PL or third-party logistics and can provide many benefits to manufacturers or organizations looking to streamline their warehousing processes.