Before selling online and switching to e-commerce, there are so many things to consider first to make sure there are no threats along the way. One of those is figuring out the preparation process of the package ordered from you. Since most people are into online shopping, the rapid growth of online sellers started to arise. To step ahead of your competitors, you must take advantage of the benefits of using FBA prep centers. They do almost all the necessary and important tasks of processing your products. They provide professional service in third party logistics such as quality control, repackaging, labeling and etc. However, not all FBA prep centers offer the same services. So deciding and picking the best third-party fulfillment service for your business can be a tough decision. In order to know which company you should trust with your business, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Not every prep center accepts the removal orders since it is finely tuned processes and technology that are needed to scale. But if the FBA prep company you are talking with was able to file claims about missing, fraud, or incorrect items, and then maybe you are dealing with the right one.
  • Some FBA prep company offers customer service, but others don’t. Make sure to consider the one that your customers can reach out if ever they have questions regarding the shipment of their orders.
  • You have to talk with the FBA prep company that provides service in fixing any order issues right away. Services provide different levels of support, so make sure you have someone you can contact when you need them.
  • Make sure that the fulfillment service you outsourced is asking for the right fees. It is better to know the products you sell to know the exact cost to pay for fulfillment.