Owning a business is comprised of a million little things. Commonly, new merchants see to it they do every step of the process by themselves. Wanting to keep the costs low as possible, they will attempt to do these little things. However, during the peak of their business, it would seem impossible to individually pack 1,000 orders and more. That’s why opting for a Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) prep service would be the wiser decision to make.

FBA prep is the process of making sure your products are ready to send into Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This allows you to spend less time packing, stepping into the CEO position of expanding your business with innovative ideas. You can be the leader you want to be when you outsource your FBA prep.

You can go about it in three ways: doing it yourself, paying Amazon, or a third-party involved. Remember that FBA prep is a complex process, and you need every support and knowledge to pass Amazon’s strict guidelines. To give you some essential and helpful tips, here are some considerations you need to look out for when choosing an FBA prep service:

  • Check out the price – It’s only natural for most sellers to be concerned about the cost of getting an FBA prep service. Asking whether the service will charge you monthly or per item is the first step. Most likely, it’s ideal to pay monthly when you have large volumes of inventory, whereas the per-item charge is more suitable for low volume sellers.
  • Know the location – Let’s think strategically. Shipments in large amounts may come from China, which means you know which port it arrives at. A nearby prep center is a right choice because it saves time and trucking costs. In case you any problems, it will also be easy to send someone to the port and sort it out.
  • Evaluate their processing time – Determining how fast they can prepare your inventory is a crucial deciding factor on an FBA prep service. You can simply look up whether they have posted a 24 or 48-hour guarantee, but you can ask them if they don’t.