If you have a growing business or plan to start one, you will probably think about warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping. We can’t deny that earning sales is really exciting, but fulfilling orders is a bit challenging. When a customer places their order, you have to start picking, processing, packing, and shipping them. You want to make sure it has the correct product and good packaging. This is where customer satisfaction depends.

Shopify Fulfillment is a service where they help Shopify stores in fulfilling their order processes. This aims to achieve the following tasks:

  1. Packaging of Products – One good thing about Shopify Fulfillment is that you will have your customized packaging for your products.
  2. Shipping and Tracking of Orders – They will be in charge of picking and packing your orders, and then they will track this until customers receive their orders.
  3. Inventory Management – Shopify will maintain full visibility of the inventory.
  4. Returns Processing – This is a plus where they also handle returns on your behalf.

How Shopify Fulfillment Works?

If you are considering fulfilling orders through Shopify, you will be amazed by how this works easily. First, you must install their application called Shopify Fulfillment Network. Then, select the products you wish to fulfill by Shopify. You will then review a custom quote then send your products.

The Benefits of Shopify Fulfillment

There are benefits that Shopify fulfillment can help your business:

  • Inventory – You will never have to worry about inventory because they will help you manage it.
  • Management – They have a platform that will help you manage your orders.
  • Low Operation Cost – You don’t need to have your own fulfillment center or spend money on packaging.

Will It Work For You?

Before deciding to have a Shopify Fulfillment, check your business background first. Know if you are eligible and plan your budget wisely. Make sure to have an understanding of the services so you will see the process of how they will manage your products for your business.