Online sellers or business owners got too much workload on their shoulders, including planning, marketing, preparation, processing, fulfillment, shipping, delivery, and so much more. Sometimes, handling big orders might cause the customer’s negative response. They might receive wrong products, damages boxes due to delivery and it costs money. Receiving tons of orders is money but having a bad reputation costs more. That is why there are fulfillment companies that offer prep and fulfillment for sellers.

What is “Prep and Fulfillment?”

Prep and fulfillment streamline your business by taking work off your shoulder and handling your inventory needs. This starts with the preparation of your products until they fulfill an order from the customer. It helps sellers save time and focus more on their business’ goals.

To simplify the main service, here are the steps a prep and fulfillment tedious tasks usually take:

  1. Unpacking Items
  2. Checking Items for Damages
  3. Inspecting
  4. Labeling
  5. Bundling Items
  6. Preparing the Package
  7. Bagging
  8. Wrapping in Packaging
  9. Boxing for Shipment

A service provider can handle any other services that involve preparation.

The simple steps of this prep and fulfillment service are:

  1. Sellers will send the inventory to the service provider
  2. The workers will check and inspect the items and start labeling them
  3. They will begin to bundle the items ready for picking and packing.
  4. Once an order is received, the workers will prepare the package for bagging.
  5. After preparation, they will start wrapping the package ready to ship.

Choosing the Best Prep and Fulfillment Service

The best prep and fulfillment service will depend on the following:

  • Your Location
  • Your Demands
  • Your Budget
  • Your Sales Volume

The most important aspect you need to consider is looking for a reliable and efficient that will cost-effectively help you run your operations. Having a prep and fulfillment service gives you less workload and will help you focus more on your business growth.