Pick and Pack is a term used in fulfilling or processing orders. These are basically the two steps in order processing and is commonly done in warehouses. When an order is received, workers will pick all the items on the list and pack them. Generally, these workers are called “pick packers” since they “pick” and “pack” customers’ orders. There are different pick and pack methods, and each type has a corresponding definition that suits different kinds and states of businesses.

  1. Piece Pick and Packing – This is the more of a straightforward of all the methods. A pick packer will complete the list of a single order and packs them. This is suitable for small businesses since this is the easiest to understand.
  2. Batch Picking and Packing – Piece and batch picking and packing are almost the same process, but unlike piece picking, batch picking completes a multiple lists of orders at one time.
  3. Zone Picking and Packing – In zone picking and packing, the warehouse is divided into zones where pick packers have an assigned area. One zone will pick a product and pass it to the next zone to complete the list.
  4. Wave Picking and Packing – Wave picking and packing is a combination of zone and batch picking. Pick packers pick a product in their assigned zone but complete multiple lists at one time. Then, followed by the next zone.

Choosing a Pick and Pack Service

Before you decide the right pick and pack service for you, you must consider the following:

  • Services – Do they provide good quality service? Are their employees friendly and approachable?
  • Pricing – Does their service price fit your budget? Is it acceptable?
  • Shipping – Do they offer shipping services, too? Is their shipping rates low?
  • Location – Where are they located? Is their location reachable?
  • Reviews – Do customers give them good reviews?