Most business owners start small and store their products in free space around their house. Once they received an order from a customer, they begin to process them by picking a product and packing them by their selves. It can also be a team that does the process, but every strategy involves “pick and pack.”


Pick and pack is a process that occurs when customers place an order. Picking is basically getting the product ordered, and packing starts once all orders are prepared. It is the most crucial process since customer satisfaction depends on it; picking the right product and packing it neatly.


The list below is some “pick and pack” method that most e-commerce companies use for their business.

  1. Piece Picking – This type is more of a straightforward method, and most companies use this. The process happens when an order is received, and workers pick one order at a time as they come in.
  2. Batch Picking – It is a more efficient type of method where orders are done in batches. Workers fulfill more than one order at a time, saving time from going back and forth of the warehouse.
  3. Zone Picking – This involves the division of the warehouse into zones wherein workers will pick a product from one assigned zone and pass it through the next area for the following product.
  4. Wave Picking – This is a combination of zone picking and batch picking where workers in different assigned zones pick products per batch or more than one order at a time.


There are tons of benefits a pick, and pack fulfillment can help your business:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Protect Your Stock
  • Speed Delivery
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Boost Brand Awareness

Know the right pick and pack strategy for your business. Check the background of your store and plan what would be a suitable strategy for you. It is also best for you to analyze and understand the processes of how the cycle goes on for your business.