Order Fulfillment from the word itself is “fulfilling an order,” and this is ALWAYS a part of every business strategy or process. It is a process that involves receiving, packing, and shipping. Some sellers find this a hassle, especially when their business starts to grow and order fulfillment is too much to handle. There are order fulfillment solutions that most sellers do, like drop shipping, 3PL fulfillment, or self-fulfillment method, and each one of these has its processes and advantages.

The Process of Order Fulfillment

  1. Receiving – Receiving is the initial part of a process that involves receiving inventory of your products. It refers to the acceptance of and storage of inventory or stocks.
  2. Inventory – The main task is to list the items that come in and out of inventory. It involves counting, labeling, and inspecting.
  3. Order Processing – It starts with receiving an order from a customer. A seller can either process the order by himself/herself or pass this through a team of operations. This depends on the fulfillment strategy used.
  4. Picking – Picking is part of “Order Processing,” but we separated the process to make this more detailed. Once an order is processed, picking the right products comes next and preparing it.
  5. Packing – The second step of Order Processing is to pack the items, ensuring it has the right product in a neat packaging.
  6. Shipping – After an order is processed, picked, and packed, the item is now ready to ship from the seller. This includes weighing and pasting a billing or delivery address. It means that the item will be sent to a carrier and is ready for delivery.
  7. Delivery – This process means that the item is being delivered to a destination. Some sellers do this by themselves or hire a delivery person to send the products. Some fulfillment companies already have deliveries being offered.
  8. Returns – Some customers might process returns when there’s a problem with the product. This is an optional step if in case a customer returns the product.


These steps are the usual business processes done by either a self-fulfillment method or the 3PL method. It only differs on how a team or a person can handle the operations every order taking up. Every business owner needs to understand a fulfillment strategy, process, and solution to be less hassle and easy to accomplish.