Are you planning to sell on Amazon Australia and you’re searching how much does it cost to sell? You’re on the right page! Keep reading this article and you’ll know how much it cost.

What is Amazon Australia?

The Australian version of Amazon is known as Amazon Australia. Since entering the Australian market, Amazon has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the country’s retail business.

According to the figures, Amazon accounts for around 47% of all online sales, with the rest coming from other sources. This result is bound to be eye-opening because it reveals that customers now enjoy the ease of online purchasing, but that they want to do so through a trusted brand first and foremost.

Amazon FBA Australia

Amazon FBA Australia is absolutely worth it, with a good ROI and a possible profit margin of more than 30%. Always remember that it will not immediately replace your full-time employment. Before you consider making Amazon your primary source of revenue, you’ll need to commit time and resources, just like any other business.

On Amazon Australia, the selling price includes:

  1. The monthly subscription cost of $49.95 for professional dealers,
  2. The fulfillment cost, which starts at $1.78 for regular sized items and goes up to $6.65 for larger sized items,
  3. A storage fee of $21.175 per cubic meter per month on average,
  4. A percentage of the selling price is collected as a referral fee, and
  5. A disposal fee starts at $0.15 per item. These prices do not include GST.

Amazon FBA Australia Tax Guidelines

If your company generates more than $75,000 in annual income, Amazon will charge you a 10% GST on each sale. When selling on Amazon Australia, eligible vendors can collect GST from their customers.

Amazon FBA Australia Calculator for Referral Fee Calculation

On Amazon, the charge for referring customers ranges from one product to the next and from one category to the next. This can make the math a little difficult at times. Amazon offers a specific tool called the FBA calculator to help sellers avoid costly mistakes.

The Bottom line!

Hopefully, these pieces of information helped you to be knowledgeable about how much selling on Amazon Australia costs. Share this now with your relatives and friends!