All online sellers’ goals must be BUSINESS GROWTH! Who wouldn’t want their businesses to thrive, right? Everyone wants their orders perfect as much as possible. Customer satisfaction will always be the number one priority in a business. You always check and avoid wrong products, terrible packaging, and costly delays of orders. Sometimes, it’s because you’re stress by handling too many orders. That is why there are fulfillment solutions you must take into consideration.

Fulfillment Solutions 101

There are three methods for fulfillment solutions that will help your business and fulfill orders:

  1. Drop Shipping – This is a type of selling that involves products that you don’t specifically own before selling. It was considered the easiest way since you only need to focus on getting the sale and gain some profits from the products. This is a suitable method for every growing business since it’s easy to start and offer products to the market.
  2. 3PL Fulfillment – 3PL is a process where you own the products, but you use a third-party warehouse to manage your inventory from processing to shipping. Once customers place an order, the fulfillment service will pack the products and ships them anywhere. It saves you time and effort and makes you focus more on your business goals.
  3. Self-Fulfillment – A DIY Self-Fulfillment or direct fulfillment is a process where the seller itself fulfills the orders from customers. This means you have your own space or warehouse, and you are in control of all the processes from getting all the orders, packing, and shipping them to the customers. It is also considered a big opportunity for branding and learning, especially for starting businesses.

Choosing the Right Fulfillment Solution

We all know how challenging fulfilling an order is, but before choosing the right solution that will fit your business, make sure to analyze your business and budget first. See if you can handle the processes or create a plan that will help your business grow. There’s nothing wrong with trying.