Amazon has been a massive talk-of-the-town for the past years when it comes to “online selling,” creating popularity all over the world. It’s a business, on a business, in a business type of industry where tons of sellers, buyers, advertisers, and workers are in this area. Aside from knowing how to sell and buy on Amazon, several things like packaging and shipping were also included in the things seller must understand. Anyone who wants to sell can actually become an Amazon seller, but there are programs that Amazon offers that will bring benefits to every seller.

When the seller controls his/her entire handling and shipping process, service is called “Fulfillment by Merchant” or “FBM.” Sellers manage their time selling, packing, and shipping instead of paying a service fee. FBM Fulfillment means the seller is in charge of the entire process from the buyer’s purchase, shipping, and tracking until the customer receives the product. The seller uses his/her assets and sends the items directly to the buyer.

How FBM Fulfillment Works?

Once you have set up your Amazon seller account, you should start with these necessary steps for FBM:

  1. List your products on Amazon. – Make sure you have indicated all the information about your products.
  2. Sort and store your products in your own warehouses. – Your home could be your center.
  3. Ship your orders – Sellers only have 2 days to ship their products, so make sure to keep on track.

Sellers’ Responsibilities and Benefits

Choosing the Fulfillment by Merchant method is beneficial to sellers, especially when offering exclusive products from their store. This type of fulfillment helps them build the credibility of their product and their store for brand building. A plus point is sellers have the freedom to run their business as they wish to. FBM Fulfillment is a great way to start, especially when you’re starters, because you will know and understand how everything works.