What is a Prep Center?

A prep center is a service that receives, inspects, and prepares inventory for Amazon, then ship merchandise to Amazon. A prep center is also where retail arbitrage can be dropped off.

Sellers may find0 a local prep center or may use a prep center to receive an online arbitrage as well as wholesale deliveries across the U.S. An Amazon FBA Prep Center is a company that will ready items to be sent to Amazon FBA warehouse for the seller’s convenience.

What are The Benefits of Using Amazon Prep Center?

  1. It is not time-consuming preparing products.
  2. Dealing with inventories will not be a burden.
  3. The process of shipping and preparing supplies in stock will not be a problem.
  4. Potentially save on sales tax — There are prep centers located in states that don’t require to charge sales tax, and shipments to these centers are tax-free.
  5. Potentially save on inbound shipping fees — Some prep centers are closer to FBA warehouses. Through using a prep center for OA and wholesale deliveries, sellers may drop their inbound shipments.
  6. Potentially faster turnaround — Through the prep center’s help, their staff will send an inventory to FBA warehouses quicker without wasting a lot of time.
  7. More freedom — Using a prep center gives you the freedom to work on more practical tasks, utilize your time and space at home.

For many sellers, using a prep center is seems expensive for their businesses. But the use of a prep center was worth every penny to save time and space at home. Outsourcing and preparation for shipment would not be a burden.

Staying healthy and saving time are crucial to businesses, and finding the right prep center that can help you achieve both is great. Indeed, tangible progress towards a maintained work balance will follow.