We can’t deny that Amazon is home to online retailers and the powerhouse when it comes to e-commerce. Most businesses take advantage of the online shopping trend. That’s why many of them are switching to digital selling. Aside from its convenience, it is also safe for everyone to shop online, especially in times like this that people are asked to stay home due to Covid-19. However, this process needs a lot of considerations to take before finally executing.

If you want to sell on Amazon’s marketplace, it is better to figure out the preparation process first. Those online retailers who have been in the business for many years have reduced the task of shipping and delivery with the help of FBA Prep centers. It helps them free up their time and energy so they could focus more on sourcing products and growing their business.

Though the concept of selling online seems to be easy, there are so many variables involved behind it. It includes warehouse space, hiring employees, dealing with overseas suppliers, logistics support, and time management. Here are the advantages of using FBA Prep Centers:

  • Larger orders can be placed with suppliers. The prep center is able to stock up your FBA products as-needed and could ship orders you sell worldwide.
  • In FBA Preparation centers, all items are inspected and responsible with the precautionary and warning tags. They are also in charge of receiving, packaging and labeling the product.
  • Prep centers could also help in the removal or canceling of orders. They re-label, repackage, and repair or recondition items for higher resale value.

It takes professionals in e-commerce to finish all those tasks properly. Your supplier might be an expert in making and sourcing products, and you’re the expert at selling them, but without a supply chain and the help of a prep center, your team must be missing a key player.