3PL or third-party logistics are the ultimate partners of e-commerce retailers. They used it to reduce time-consuming tasks that are required for most online shops. All businesses, not only e-commerce retailers, aim to achieve high customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you are selling online, it is important that you hand over your customers’ orders in good condition. Partnering with third-party logistics guarantees that the products ordered by your customers are well-packed and delivered on time. The services provided by 3PL include pick-up, storing, packing, and shipping.

What are the consequences of using 3PL?

There are many benefits of using 3PL for your business. However, there are still things to consider in hiring one. Although all 3PL providers offer the same services, they still vary on flexibility and time efficiency. The following are some of the disadvantages you have to consider when you’re deciding whether 3PL is right for your business.

  • Delivery process is out of your control – Businesses can’t determine when a specific product could reach its buyer. Thus, they can’t help solve problems when shipping issues arise. It will be challenging for a business to explain and fix things up with its customers. The best thing to do is to find the most reliable 3PL provider.
  • Your products are far from you. – Whichever 3PL provider you choose to work with, your products will surely get far away from you. This can be badly arranged on the off chance that you have any quality control issues or feel like you need to truly review your stock for some reason.

Utilizing a 3PL gives a lot of advantages that can help elevate your business among all competitors. On the off chance that the 3PL jumbles up the requestor send orders late, you could lose a client and get hit with negative reviews. Those can add up and be hard to recuperate from. To prevent this from happening, consider researching for the best 3PL providers prior to collaborating with them.