3PL or third-party logistic providers are the backbones of most e-commerce and online retailers. It reduces the tasks of business owners since they are the ones in charge of all the shipment processes. It includes the pick-up, packing of the package, inventory, and delivery. Let’s take a closer look at how third-party logistic providers do their tasks smoothly despite the pressure of massive orders online.

Every company aims to provide good quality service to their customers so they could expect repeat orders. Good feedback and positive reviews keep not only loyal customers but also attract new possible markets. Since the immense task of online shops relies on 3PL, there’s great pressure on their side. To keep a good reputation for their business, they are doing warehouse management to ensure everything is on the right track.

Third-party logistics has warehouse operators that manage the handling and storing of products. They are responsible for guaranteeing a safe, timely, and accurate shipment process of goods. Most 3PL providers are working with multiple businesses, so to make sure they are properly distributing the products, managing their warehouse is a must.

Here are some of the essential duties of warehouse operators:

  • Segregating products depending on the business who owns it – They prioritize the segregation of the items in the warehouse so it will be easier and faster for them to pick up the goods ordered from each business.
  • Warehouse inventory and package tracking – It is important that warehouse operators do inventory so they would know the availability of the products. It prevents them from encountering unnecessary problems when a buyer orders a sold-out product. In addition to that, they must also trace the location of the product so customers would feel secured with their orders.
  • Packing and shipping – Warehouse operators ensure that each product is well-packed since it will go a long journey before it reaches its owner. Aside from that, the impression of the business sometimes relies on how the products are shipped.